Cobro Ventures

Cobro Ventures is a management company that encompasses a diversified portfolio of investments.

Cobro companies range from new start-ups to enterprises that have become public and been acquired.

We founded Cobro Ventures to bring together a core team to manage a family of businesses.

In many cases, these companies are founded and also funded internally. In some cases, Cobro participates as a key investor in ventures that are started externally. The diversity of companies within the portfolio reflects our wide spectrum of interests and objectives. However, there are some common themes across these interests.

We are brothers who grew up overseas, in Africa and Europe. This background has provided us with a broad perspective, as well as a sense that we are connected with people from everywhere. Our educational and professional roots are as engineers and technologists. As technologists, our goal is to identify problems to be solved and envision new approaches to take on these challenges. As engineers, our goal is to validate these concepts, and turn them into a reality.

Our passion is to invent new and better solutions to problems, especially if it can make a difference to large numbers of people. Our projects range from creating software and electronic products to treating cancer and other major diseases. We are also healthy-living and exercise enthusiasts and have business activities in these areas. Regardless of the area, we have a deep interest in creating and applying technology to solve important problems and offer new capabilities. Across all our companies, we adopt innovative ways of managing, with an emphasis on employee satisfaction and growth. We have an outstanding record of team building and long term employee retention.

Alain Cohen and Marc Cohen

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